Vision and set of values


  • We are a trustworthy trading partner and producer of technologies that are people- and environmentally friendly.
  • Our principles are professionalism and the efficiency in customer service.
  • We care about the workers and provide them with an opportunity to develop.
  • We are looking for innovative technical solutions and new markets.
  • We understand the modern world and, by taking the challenge, find our place in it.





  • We use the set of values as a foundation for operation of our company.
  • We implement our commitments.
  • We keep our word and fulfil the contracts.
  • We work on the principle of mutual trust.
  • We build trust by admitting to our mistakes.



  • Clients are most important for us; therefore, we care about them, recognize their needs, cooperate at the implementation stage and provide support during the operation.
  • We use good materials for the production.
  • We implement our commitments in a timely manner.
  • We improve our products by taking into account the feedback of our Clients.
  • We comply with the procedures, which is why we avoid making mistakes.



  • We analyse the profitability of purchase orders and are looking for optimal material and organizational solutions.
  • We implement profitable objectives.
  • We care about the financial stability of the company, providing the satisfaction to both our Employees and Clients.



  • We are looking for new technical and organizational solutions in order to surpass the competition.
  • We are looking for and implementing new sales techniques.
  • We are constantly improving our technical and general knowledge and we are also conducting research and improving existing solutions.
  • At least once a quarter, each person reports an innovative solution at his workstation.



  • We train and gain knowledge, raising our qualifications individually.
  • We use our knowledge for ourselves and for the benefit of our company.
  • We improve the organization of work.
  • We acquire and implement new technologies.
  • We gain new Partners to cooperate and enter into new markets.
  • We research the market and react to its changes in order to meet the expectations of the Client.
  • We support the development of our regular customers.