is our inspiration

"Everyone has the right to breathe healthy indoor air"
- we execute this principle of the World Health Organization in our everyday work.


is our inspiration

Our health, lifespan and physical condition depends on the quality of water.
We are constantly looking for ways of obtaining water perfectly similar in quality to spring water.

Water treatment technology

Water treatment at home, in the city, in the whole municipality. Modern water treatment plants, tap water filters, deferrisation of water from deep water wells.

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Water and wastewater pumping system

Production of equipment in the field of water and wastewater management: pressure boosting systems, fire protection systems, modern pumping stations.

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Mechanical ventilation

Mechanical ventilation systems for homes, manufacturing plants, offices and other energy-saving buildings. Air handling units, heat exchangers, heat recovery units.

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Industrial automation

Modern industrial automation systems, control systems, electrical cabinets, industrial process monitoring systems.

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About the company

Water treatment and heat recovery technologies

Welcome to the website of Firma Bartosz – a Polish company that builds up its experience in the industry of sanitary engineering since 1990.


Modern water purification systems, such as water filters and heat recovery devices, i.e. air handling units and recuperators, are gaining more and more popularity due to increasing prices for the raw materials and energy as well as the trend towards promoting attention to the surrounding environment. In our offer you will find high quality devices that will improve energy efficiency and comfort of use of any building.

Professional pressure boosting units manufactured by our company are practical, highly efficient and durable, which is why they are able to work in difficult conditions. In addition, we produce wastewater pumping stations, including dry well type stations, used primarily when constricting sanitary, industrial and storm sewers in the cities, villages, and for the purpose of manufacturing plants. Our offer is directed to both individual Clients and companies.

The vision of the company

  • We are a trustworthy trading partner and producer of technologies that are people- and environmentally friendly.
  • Our principles are professionalism and the efficiency in customer service.
  • We care about the workers and provide them with an opportunity to develop.
  • We are looking for innovative technical solutions and new markets.
  • We understand the modern world and, by taking the challenge, find our place in it.
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