History of Bartosz Company

History of Bartosz Company

“Bartosz Company” Sp. J. (general partnership company) operates in the field of sanitary engineering since 1990. With our knowledge based on years of experience, as well as continuous improvement and development, we face the expectations and demands of the modern market. We offer eco-friendly devices and complete systems which can contribute towards significant savings by, among others, reducing water, heat and energy consumption.


We guarantee the most efficient and proven technologies. Our company offers a wide range of products, while at the same time we provide our clients with efficient and comprehensive services.

Professionalism and experience that go hand in hand with the commitment of the employees of “BARTOSZ” guarantee a high level of service. This is supported by numerous awards, diplomas and honourable mentions granted to our company during national competitions for, among others, pressure boosting units at Construction Forum in Białystok or pilot scale water treatment plant during Instaltech fair in Kielce.

In cooperation with research centres and reputable concerns that are focused mostly on environmental engineering, we offer competent assistance with the selection and operation of our devices. We also offer extensive training programs dedicated for designers, investors and users and organize technical seminars and symposia. Firma Bartosz publishes also technical guides and catalogues as well as articles papers in technical press. This strategy has gained the acceptance and trust of our clients, which include, among others, individual recipient, municipalities, housing co-operatives, water supply and heating companies, as well as reputable companies such as Huta Szkła Wołomin, Nutricia Opole, Suempol Bielsk Podlaski, Hoop Bielsk Podlaski, “Wedel” plants in Warsaw, “Królewskie” breweries in Warsaw, “Dojlidy” breweries in Białystok, Coca-Cola plants in Minsk, Belarus, “Mocate Capucino” in Ustroń Śląski, “Tesco” and “Carrefour” hypermarkets and “Leroy Merlin” DIY Shop, Bielański Hospital in Warsaw, Zakłady Płyt Wiórowych in Grajewo, Sokółka – Okna i Drzwi, Nowiny Cement Plant, Belweder Palace in Warsaw.

With a view to the continuous improvement of our business activities, in November 2001, we implemented and still use quality management system EN ISO 9001:2008. We achieved such a high standard by using proven components from world renowned manufacturers in our products.

Since 2000, after the manufacture of the first spiral counter-flow heat exchanger BARTOSZ, our ventilation department is growing dynamically within the company. The unique design of our recuperator, which definitely distinguishes it from other similar devices available on the market, has been reserved in the Patent Office. In doing so, we give you the assurance of reliability and authenticity of our devices. The advantages of BARTOSZ heat exchanger, i.e. high heat recovery efficiency and low operating costs, have gained the trust and satisfaction of users in Poland and abroad, which enabled us to gain and maintain a strong position on the market. Currently, our team consist of several dozen experts from different fields that are working on finding even better technical solutions. We have well equipped technical facilities for conducting research, prototyping and mass production of our devices.

In 2010, we have launched the production of air handling units in a new plant in Czarna Białostocka (about 25 km away from Białystok). The new plant, with a total area of nearly two thousand square meters, consists of two production halls and a high storage warehouse, as well as office facilities and social area. The investment, financed in 50% by European funds, also included the purchase of a complete, modern technological line for the production of heat exchangers and air handling units. As a result, the automation and standardization of the production process translated directly into the performance and quality of our devices.