PO IG 6.1 – Passport to export

PO IG 6.1

Programme: Operational Programme Innovative Economy

Priority VI – Polish economy on the international market

Project name: The implementation of the export development plan: “The development of Firma Bartosz through export”

The objective of the Operational Programme Innovative Economy measure 6.1 Passport to Export is to promote projects aimed at entering new markets and strengthening the company’s position in foreign markets as well as to increase sales or promote the Polish brands in these markets.

(source: www.poig.parp.gov.pl)


The objective of the programme entitled “The development of Firma Bartosz through export” is to enhance the competitiveness of Firma Bartosz Sp. j. through the development of export activity. It will also contribute to strengthening the position of the Polish economy by creating and improving the image of Poland as a place for establishing beneficial business contacts and as an attractive business partner.


Value of the project: PLN 541,775.55

Co-financing: PLN 307,994.03

Period of implementation: December 2015