Industrial automation

Automation Department is an independent unit of Firma Bartosz company which was founded in the early 1990s. Our team consists of well-integrated and experienced professionals within our industry. In recent years, due to significant increase in interest in the effective use of ventilation techniques, water treatment technology and raising the efficiency of the use of electricity in industry, our business has experienced a rapid development. In our work, we mainly use the devices of such companies as: Danfoss, Schneider Electric, Siemens, Lovato Electric, Satel, GeFanuc. We also sell these devices. In addition, we are partner of such companies as: Schneider Electric and Astor. Our company offers numerous modern solutions which, when implemented, improve the business performance of many enterprises. Out control cabinets and automation systems as well as software and applications are primarily characterised by their functionality, performance and practicality of use. The cooperation with our company will enable your business to develop rapidly.


We prefabricate our own control and electrical cabinets. Firma Bartosz specializes in the construction and programming of the cabinets for:

  • – pressure boosting units,
  • – wastewater pumping stations,
  • – fire-fighting systems,
  • – waterworks stations,
  • – air handling units,
  • – other industrial automation systems.


Comprehensive construction of automation systems

We design, install and start-up control, instrumentation and automation systems for individual, customer-specific solutions. Our systems are working all over Poland, as well as abroad.


Visualization of industrial processes

Our applications are based on software such as Wonderware InTouch, Axeda Supervisor or Citect. However, we do not limit ourselves to these specific programs only. If necessary, we can work on any application which is convenient for the Client. We cooperate with research centres and conduct a series of research works. Through our research we were able to introduce some of our own products into the market, including, among others, STW-2 and STW-3 ventilation control units. We design control systems based on programmable drivers created by the following companies: SIEMENS, GE FANUC, SAIA, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC and others. The documentation is drawn up in detail and completely. Client’s requirements are taken into consideration at each stage of the design process.


Sale and completion of devices, online store

The company offers wholesale and retail sale of goods produced by the leaders on the market of measuring and control devices. In order to satisfy the needs of our customers, we are constantly expanding our range of products. The devices offered by Firma Bartosz combine the latest technological advancements with the highest performance characteristics; they are reliable and damage tolerant; they also have all the required approvals, licences and certificates. As part of the comprehensive trade support service, the company offers the completion of supplies, including the completion of executed purchase orders with devices that are not included in the offer. Firma Bartosz provides favourable payment terms and warranty conditions as well as quick execution of orders. Some devices, such as control cabinets, are now available in our online store. We also carry out individual purchase orders. If you require assistance in the completion of the devices, please contact us. At the request of the Client, we help to implement the devices and start them up.



Our services are not limited to create new systems only. We provide warranty and post-warranty services in the scope of ensuring the continuity of production of completed systems, in particular systems meant for continuous operations. This applies to both the maintenance of software and hardware. We provide spare parts for industrial controllers and automatic monitoring of the status of control systems. We are also ready to intervene in a quick way.


Training, consulting

We provide training in handling, operating and servicing of the devices sold and produced by our company. Thanks to our highly qualified staff, which constantly improves its skills and knowledge, we can help you choose optimal solutions in the field of automation. We organize courses and technical symposia. We also published several papers in technical press. We also published several papers in technical press.