Dry well pumping stations

Dry well pumping stations

The wastewater dry well pumping stations available in our offer constitute a complete, sealed device used to transport sanitary wastewater, municipal drainage water or water from dewatering at greater distances or to raise the wastewater to a higher level. They are most often used in gravity-discharge systems where the wastewater flows through a house drain or a section of a gravitational sewerage system directly into the tank, where it is pumped through a pipe, using a dry pump, into a collecting well on the main sewage manifold or directly to the wastewater treatment plant. Since there is no need to maintain a protection zone (due to the toxic effect on the environment, noise or similar factors), the described devices can be installed in such places as: dry chambers, basements, underground garages, etc.



The basic advantages of the wastewater dry well pumping station include:

  • eliminating the probability of blocking the pumps by using separators,
  • increasing the reliability of the pumping station operation,
  • lower operating costs and the use of high-efficiency pumps,
  • increasing the application range through the use of pumps with channel impellers in dry mounting,
  • reducing the engine power through the use of channel impellers with a much greater hydraulic capacity than open impellers,
  • facilitating maintenance and repair works by using a completely sealed collecting chamber and the modular construction of the dry well pumping station,
  • eliminating the risk of poisoning the personnel with hydrogen sulphide.


It is possible to:

  • use the pumping station in special versions: with the option of dosing biological agents, chemicals, wastewater aeration, irrigation of the inlet storage sewers,
  • revitalisation of old pumping stations through the use of the existing reinforced concrete structure.



The wastewater dry well pumping station constitutes a complete wastewater treatment device consisting of:

  • a pre-treated wastewater tank made of stainless steel, carbon steel with anticorrosion coating, HDPE or other material, on request of the Investor. The tank is equipped with a separating chamber and a collecting chamber,
  • separators,
  • a hydraulic system equipped with gate and check valves made for wastewater treatment,
  • a device for measuring the wastewater level in the tank,
  • a dry pump,
  • a control and alarm system,
  • optionally, the dry well pumping station housing can be made of: polymer concrete, concrete rings, polyesters reinforced with fibre glass, HDPE, steel.



The dry well pumping station housing is equipped with the following:

  1. A manhole featuring a hinge, allowing easy extraction of pumps without having to move them.
  2. A ladder made of stainless steel;
  3. A ventilation pipe with a funnel (venting of the pre-treated wastewater tank of the dry well pumping station) made of stainless steel, equipped with a biofilter to eliminate odours emitted by the wastewater;
  4. A ventilation pipe with a stainless steel funnel fitted with a duct exhaust ventilator;
  5. A drainage pump made of stainless steel
  6. 24V lighting installation of the tank;
  7. A dry well pumping station flooding sensor connected to the controller;
  8. A knife gate valve on the dry well pumping station inlet;
  9. A magnetic flow meter