Water treatment stations

We provide free of charge service under warranty and offer the assistance of our Service Centre (against payment) throughout the country.


Exemplary activities performed by the Service Centre of Firma Bartosz:

  • checking the proper operation of water treatment station,
  • performing technical test of the station,
  • inspection of the filter bed condition,
  • physico-chemical analysis of raw and treated water,
  • maintenance inspections,
  • repairs and renovations,
  • repairs and modernisation of water aeration systems,
  • modernization of existing facilities.


In case of any problems with Firma Bartosz water treatment station, please report a failure by filling out the on-line form or sending a notification by fax to: +48 (85) 745 57 11. Fully completed and accurate form will allow us to quickly and efficiently solve your problem.

The notification should include the following information:

  • serial number of the device
  • failure description
  • contact details of the Person Filing Complaint


NOTE!!! Providing incomplete information concerning the complaint may result in its rejection ( until the missing data is received) and may delay processing of the complaint.

Upon receipt of the complaint form, we sent back the confirmation of its acceptance, together with the given case number.

On the basis of the description of complaint, you will be informed about the further course of the procedure by e-mail.

Depending on the defect, the product will be either repaired or replaced (applies to the warranty service). In the event the defect has been caused by improper assembly, application or use of the device, the cost of travel and possible repair shall be borne by the Person Filing Complaint. If the evaluation of complaint product will be negative (i.e. the product is found to be in proper working order), the cost of travel to the client shall be borne by the Person Filing Complaint.