At the beginning of 2014, Firma Bartosz has set up a new section of Automation Department which deals with technologies related to renewable energy sources.

We started from the most, in our opinion, future-proof field, namely solar power plants. At the moment, the profitability of the production of energy from this type of devices is not that attractive; however, due to the technological progress, environmental protection and energy independence, the interest in such solutions will soon increase. We, as an engineering company, want to provide our clients with the highest standard of service in this field and even now we offer our help.


Designing systems, consulting services and the selection of PV devices:

There are a lot of websites that describe the theoretical issues related to PV systems and we encourage you to get acquainted with this knowledge. There are also a lot of so-called ready-to-install sets on the market, available at very attractive prices. At this point, we would like to make the potential Investor aware that some important aspects should be considered and that one should approach the future system more individually, without being influenced by the price factor only. Below are a few characteristics analysed during drawing up a reliable project. There are of course more, but our goal is to show that we act professionally, having in regard the interests of the future Investor:

  1. Life cycle of the system:

PV systems are designed assuming a 20-year long life cycle since, taking into account the current circumstances, the return on investment is realistically possible after such a period. The low price of used components is often reflected in their quality. By paying little at first, you may find out that your system can withstand the warranty period (e.g. 3 years), but later it will need to be replaced or will be more prone to damage. Therefore, the actual cost will be greater, which is not always noted, unfortunately. For this reason, our company offers top-shelf devices with a 5, 10 and 15-year manufacturer’s warranty. It is also important to check how long the given manufacturer is present on the market and is it theoretically possible that there will be anyone who can process our warranty or service claims. Our company operates on the market since 1990. We introduce innovations and are constantly developing. We are a stable partner.

  1. Profitability of the system:

When evaluating the profitability of PV system, it is very important to analyse the energy consumption profile. It has to be decided if it is a company that consumes energy in the daytime or a private house that consumes energy only in the evenings, or another object that consumes energy in other intervals. Electricity is produced only during the day; therefore, it should be decided if it is worth to store it, sell it to the power grid, or use it as much as possible for our own purposes, which often requires changing our own habits.

  1. Formalities, documents required in order to connect to the power grid:

In Poland, the most optimal and most commonly used solution for the PV system is currently the cooperation with a power grid. The excess of produced energy is fed to the grid, whereas its deficiency is replenished. In order to connect such a system, it is necessary to submit a relevant application to the Power Distribution Company in the case of systems up to 40 kW or apply for the conditions to connect. After building the PV system and establishing billing system in accordance with the technical specifications, it is necessary to undergo commissioning and conclude an appropriate energy billing agreement. Our company offer assistance in completing any formalities and constructing the system in accordance with the requirements. We have relevant permissions and qualifications in this field.