Water treatment stations

Water treatment stations

We provide a comprehensive delivery (design, construction and assembly works) of modern water treatment stations, together with computer control system and visualization of technological processes.


Our specialisation is to treat water for cities, municipalities, businesses, etc., basing on natural processes. For this purpose, we have developed our own technology that is effective for both small and significant capacities. It involves the removal of harmful gases contained in the water, which at the same time is oxidised to a suitable high level. Subsequently, the water is transferred for filtration in rapid filters filled with multilayer beds. In many cases, the weathering and oxidising processes are carried out automatically, without the use of ejector pumps, compressors or blowers.


In doing so, we managed to treat water with the content of:

  • iron up to the level of 25 mg/l,
  • manganese of approx. 1.5 mg/l,
  • ammonium iodine of approx. 3.0 g/l.

We have created a system for the effective reduction of trichloroethylene and tetrachloroethylene from the well water. In some cases we support the aforesaid processes with pH adjustment and sometimes with coagulation. In other we adjust the level of hardness.


Our filters have different filtering media, as appropriate:

  • quartz sand – used most often,
  • manganese ore – manganese dioxide (we have our own bed called Femen with manganese content of approx. 85%; effective in removing manganese without adding manganese dioxide),
  • dolomite,
  • anthracites and active coals,
  • constructed filtering media.

If necessary, we remove increased turbidity and murky colour. Increasingly, we clean the grey water from rinsing of filters, making safe drinking water.

We create water intakes and waterworks stations, both small (with a capacity of several or dozens of m3), and a large, e.g. for the cities (with capacity excessing several hundred m3/h).

We have a qualified staff, modern equipment, extensive knowledge and vast experience, which gives us the ability to construct even larger systems.

Our many years of conducting business activity in the field of water supply stations and the Investors’ confidence have made it possible for us to present a list of many completed objects that received positive references.