BART filter sets

BART filter sets

BART-ZF filter sets can be used in water treatment stations with a capacity from a few to more than 1000 m3/h. These sets serve the following purposes:

  • removal of iron and manganese,
  • filtration after volume coagulation and during surface coagulation,
  • biological removal of ammonia,
  • contact filtration,
  • absorption on activated carbon to remove chlorine and carcinogenic compounds, after ozoning,
  • raising the pH and hardness of water by means of filtration on the dolomitic beds,
  • water softening,
  • swimming pool water treatment.


BART-ZF sets use the new generation of vertical pressure filters, constructed to work with the pressure of 0.3 MPa or 0.4 MPa. They are based on flat bottom pressure tanks, with at least one flat end cap, usually made of steel and reinforced concrete. Steel shell and bottom heads of the tank secure the tightness of the filters. Pressure load applied on the bottom heads is mostly transferred through the slabs made of reinforced concrete, constructed on the outside surface of the filter bottom heads. At small diameters, it is possible to use flat ribbed end caps made of steel. In all cases, BART-ZF filters are set with the bottom heads placed directly on the foundation. In the case of filters with larger diameters, the shell can be additionally reinforced with vertical steel profiles and horizontal rings, the upper reinforced concrete slab can be supported on a pole. Reinforced concrete slabs are usually cast at the construction site of the filter, less often, and only in the case of filters with smaller diameters, they are supplied as prefabricated elements.


Each filter is equipped with: 

  • at least two inspection manholes with flanges,
  • at least four pipe connections made of steel,
  • one or more drainages for water rinsing and air sweeping,
  • upper distribution system made in the form a nozzle, flume or several flumes.


Materials used:

  • shell and bottom heads of the tank – 0H18N9 stainless steel,
  • flanges – aluminium, for working pressure of 1.0 MPa (aluminium elements do not have direct contact with the water)
  • filter drainage – stainless steel pipes as well as polypropylene pipes joined by heat fusion and suitably perforated (drilled and fractured lengthwise).