AE-BART pressure aerators

AE-BART pressure aerators

Pressurized aeration system – AE-BART pressure aerator consists of a set of devices used for water aeration and mixing it with the air in the water treatment process. The working pressure of the device is up to 0.4 MPa, whereas the capacity of the aerator, depending on the size, ranges from a few to up to 400 m3/h. AE-BART aerator set consists of:

  • air and water mixer (MWP),
  • water mixing and degassing chamber (ZDiO).


The air and water mixer has as shape of a cylinder ended with converging cones or with caps, with splash protectors mounted inside the cylinder and the following pipe connections: inlet, outlet and air. The water mixing and degassing chamber (ZDiO) has a shape of a vertical steel cylinder, ended on both sides with flat caps made of steel or steel and reinforced concrete. The tank is set with the end cap placed directly on the foundation. Steel shell and bottom heads of the tank secure the tightness of the tank. Pressure load applied on the bottom heads is transferred through the slabs made of reinforced concrete, constructed on the outside surface of steel bottom heads of the tank. The connection of concrete slabs with the steel shell is made by anchoring the tank to the slabs.


The tank is equipped with:

  • at least one inspection manhole with flange,
  • two pipe connections used to supply the water to the tank and to drain it,
  • ventilation pipe,
  • air and water mixing system,
  • drain.


The advantages of AE-BART aerator: 

  • good mixing of air in the water,
  • de-aeration of water before it enters the filters,
  • works well with BART-ZF sets,
  • corrosion resistance,
  • a wide range of applications,
  • possibility to locate the mixer (MWP) at any distance from the tank (ZDiO).