Water revitalization

Water revitalization

Drinking water can vary in many ways. We consider the division in terms of the structure. In this respect, it can be divided into spring waters and standing waters.

Our health, life expectancy and physical condition depends to a large extent on the type of water that we drink and use to bath. People living close to nature, high in the mountains, enjoy good health and longevity. When considering the reasons for this, one of the most important is the nature of the spring water.

The opposite of the spring water is the standing water. The latter derives from the spring water that has lost its properties. Types of standing waters are municipal and bottled water, water from ponds and tanks, water from slow-flowing rivers, etc.


What is the secret of spring water?

The main issue is the structure of water. In nature, there is no single water molecule in the form of H2O. H2O molecules connected together form clusters. Standing waters consist of large clusters, bringing together even a few dozen of H2O molecules. The characteristic feature of spring waters is that they consist of several H2O molecules. Plants and living organisms assimilate water at the spring water level, which is why standing water absorbed by the body requires preparation, i.e. the clusters must be broken down into smaller particles, and this requires the body to use some part of its life energy. Therefore, plants and living organisms retain more energy by drinking spring water, because they consume water that can be readily assimilated by the body.

Another feature of spring water, as opposed to standing water, is its charge. Spring water has a positive charge, and standing water has a negative charge. In addition, as a result of the dynamic flow of water and its bumping against the ceramic floor, consisting of rocks, the emission of far infrared rays occurs. These rays, absorbed by the water, constitute a positive factor for the living organisms.

All the aforesaid elements erase also the memory of water. The proof of water having a memory is visible through the presence of ice crystals. Ice crystals from the water with erased memory are of regular shape. Contaminated water, or water with its memory retained, has irregular crystals. The drawn conclusion is that the water cleansed of all impurities but without having its memory erased remains untreated.


The life of spring water.

Spring water is not long-lasting. It loses its properties as a result of several factors. The first one is time. Storing the water in vessels and tanks for a longer period of time causes the loss of spring properties. The life of spring water is few days at most. It also loses its properties when interacting with mechanical devices in transport, pumping and filtering. Finally, they are also lost if the spring water becomes polluted.


How and where spring water is formed?

Spring water is formed in swift streams and on stone cascades. It is also produced by typhoons on the high seas, when they cause the formation of elastic waves and “roll” the water, causing it to bump against the sea bed or shore rocks. Rain water subjected to atmospheric discharges is also a spring water. It is also formed as a result of the freeze and thaw processes. Melting ice is a spring water, too.


How, in practice, can the spring water be obtained?

The easiest way is to find a spring and take the water from there. However, such springs are getting more and more scarce. Freezing water and thawing ice is another method of obtaining the spring water. However, in practice, this technology is extremely expensive and power consuming to be used on a large scale.

Regardless of failures, man was looking and is still looking for a way to obtain water that is exactly similar to the one provided by the nature. The achievements of modern techniques allow obtaining water with similar parameters. Today, we can say that almost everyone can have the spring water, or water with very similar properties, in their homes. It can be obtained from the water flowing through the taps in our homes, as well as from private wells, from the lakes, rivers and streams with suitable water purity level, and especially from the water whose chemical composition meets the standards required for drinking water. Such water does not need to be pure in terms of bacterial contamination; it may have an increased turbidity and murky colour, as well as unpleasant pleasant smell and taste. It can be chlorinated and have all the negative features of the tap water. After appropriate treatment, this type of water can gain the qualities of the spring water. The devices based on the latest achievements of technology are used for this purpose – combined, they can achieve the same which is given by the nature. The experiments conducted by “Firma Bartosz”, which involved processing the water taken from the water supply system in Białystok or Biała river through the filtering devices, showed that the filtrated water not only has good taste and smell, but also similar qualities to the ones of the spring water. We created a series of types of these devices and named them Aqua Revital Filters.


A process which involves converting standing water into spring water is called the revitalization of water.


Properties of spring water and the benefits of drinking it

The spring water has a “silky” feel due to lower surface tension when compared to, for example, tap water, which can checked by touching it.

It is possible to wash off grease using the spring water, even if it is cold. The use of spring water reduces the amount of detergents and dishwashing products.

After cleaning the skin with spring water, it shows a significant level of hydration and grease. A person suffering from allergy prone hands found out that, after cleaning them several times with a soft soap, the symptoms of skin irritation resolved and it was not necessary to use any pharmacological products.

Because spring water preserves the matter in its original state, it has a nourishing effect on human skin and complexion. It also positively affects the digestion.

Spring water is a good solvent and it efficiently flushes the toxins from the body. A person suffering from hypertension has managed to regulate the blood flow at the required level as a result of drinking large quantities of such water. It did not change even after drinking significant quantities of coffee; however, after each cup of coffee the person drank also a glass of spring water.

Spring water dissolves sediment and prevents the precipitation of sediment from the water [1]. In Lublin, the water has a very high hardness level, which is barely permissible by law. For this reason, a tea prepared with the use of this water always has a grey colour and not very nice taste. Tea prepared with the use of water filtered through Aqua Revital system was completely different – it was a normal tea.


Spring waters constitute a negative environment for the development of spoilage bacteria. Therefore, we can drink water from mountain springs without risk of intoxication. It is also good for cleaning wounds.

By using these properties, Firma BARTOSZ constructed the Legionella monitoring system for the hot water system in one of the hotels basing on the structure of spring water, in which the concentration of these bacteria oscillates at the level of 100 colonies/100 ml of water and does not increase without the dosage of any chemicals. Before the assembly of the system, the concentration of Legionella exceeded the level of 15,000 colonies/100 ml of water, which would result in the hotel being closed.


Spring waters are positive for fermenting bacteria. It is possible to produce slivovitz in the mountains because the fruits that grow there are nourished by spring water. It has been confirmed that the spring water has a positive impact on the production of homemade wine. The experiment was carried out using the water taken from 3 different locations. The wine made using the tap water from Białystok cleared the fastest; however, it had the worst quality. Wine made using the water taken from a forest spring cleared the second. Wine made using the water from Aqua Revital system cleared the longest and was of the best quality.


Experiments performed in different countries show that the positive impact of spring water can be observed in the different areas of life:

  • people drinking the spring water have a different shape of red blood cells;
  • herd of animals that were put through the tests achieve higher growths, are in better shape and are less likely to get sick;
  • farms where the spring water was given to the pigs and cattle emitted less unpleasant odour;
  • plants are less likely to get sick, require less protection agents and achieve better growth. The fruits are riper, can be stored for longer periods, and also not without significance is the improvement of taste;
  • technical equipment: pots, boilers and kettles resist the build-up of limescale for a longer time.



[1] As a result of cooking, the properties of spring water disappear and deposition of the limescale, e.g. inside the kettle, still takes place; however, to a lesser degree than usual. If the kettle has been constantly filled with the spring water, it would remove the limescale.