Deironing filter – HYDROFILTR

Deironing filter – HYDROFILTR

It is often impossible for the residents of single-family houses to connect to the water network and, therefore, they use their own intakes, e.g. deep-water wells. To be able to determine whether the water from the backyard well is suitable for drinking or not, it has to be tested in the municipal sanitary-epidemiological station.


The most common problem for people using the deep wells is the increased iron level in water. According to the applicable regulations, the maximum level of iron in drinking water may not exceed 0.2 mgFe/l.

The excess of iron in water usually manifest itself in the following ways:

  1. Unpleasant metallic taste and odour.
  2. Turbidity and precipitation of brown and rusty sediment after boiling.
  3. Faster corrosion of sanitary system fittings (rusting pipes and taps).
  4. Faster corrosion of devices coming into contact with water (washing machines, boilers, kettles, dishwashers, coffee makers).
  5. Formation of yellow stains on the bathroom fixtures (sinks, bathtubs, shower trays, toilets).
  6. Iron contaminated water is not suitable for washing.
  7. Filamentous iron-oxidizing bacteria may develop in the system and their excess can lead to the clogging of the water network.


The best way of dealing with the water with a high level of iron is the use of our new innovative solution, which is Aqua Revital HYDROFILTR.


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What is Aqua Revital HYDROFILTR?

It is a compact device that combines the most important features of pressure boosting units, aerators and iron removal systems. Thanks to the applied filter bed, it removes the excessive amount of iron, manganese, ammonia and hydrogen sulphide from the water. Due to its unique construction, HYDROFILTR does not occupy as much space as household water treatment systems available in the market, and since the device is made of stainless steel, it is also long lasting and corrosion resistant.


How does Aqua Revital HYDROFILTR works?

STAGE I – at the first stage of deironing process, the raw water (taken from a well) fed to the HYDROFILTR passes through the aerator and then, using a spray nozzle, it is delivered to the tank.

STAGE II – Aerated water, from which insoluble iron compounds were precipitated, flows through the filter bed, on which these compounds are retained.

REGENERATION – From time to time, you should regenerate the filter bed by back-rinsing it; this will remove the retained iron compounds.


Why should you use Aqua Revital HYDROFILTR in your home?

  1. Treated water is tasty, does not pose threat to the network and devices.
  2. It does not occupy as much space as water treatment systems available in the market.
  3. It is simple to assemble and virtually maintenance-free.
  4. It is simple in operation.
  5. It is adapted to the individual parameters of water.
  6. It can be upgraded with other Aqua Revital water filtration and revitalization devices.
  7. It is possible to by-pass the HYDROFILTR in order to use the untreated water for purposes such as garden watering.