Aqua Revital water filter

Aqua Revital water filter

More and more people are complaining about the quality of water in their households or workplaces. Sediment, unpleasant taste and smell as well as the fear of bacteria and viruses cause that we reluctantly drink it straight from the tap. Chlorine, which is added to water to kill unwanted microorganisms, has adverse effects on human health (it dries skin, causing allergies, and can contribute to the formation of cancers). For this reason, we drink bottled water, forgetting that it is often of poorer quality than the one taken from our tap.


As a result of our constant research on improving the quality of consumed water, and in response to numerous queries of our Clients, we expanded our offer with two new models of Aqua Revital filter systems: AQR 100 and AQR 100R, which due to their small dimensions are designed for mounting in a cabinet under the sink or on the wall.


What level of water quality can you obtain through the use of AQR 100 and AQR 100R filter sets?

The structure of AQR filer system provides effective water purification from:

  • particulate matter (such as rust, sand) – up to 1 micron,
  • mechanical impurities as well as bacteria, viruses and cysts – up to 0.3 microns,
  • chlorine.


With the use of AQR filer system, the water is devoid of harmful compounds and has a better taste and smell, and thanks to the revitalization module, it adopts the structure that is best assimilated by the body, i.e. the structure of a spring water.


How are the AQR 100 and AQR 100R filer sets constructed?

Each AQR filter set consist of mechanical, antibacterial and activated carbon filters. Additionally, the AQR 100R model has a built-in Revital module that changes the structure of the water and prevents its oxidation, or aging.


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What distinguishes AQR filter set from other filters available in the market?

Some of the unique characteristics of our filtration systems include:

  1. Interference with the structure of water – after flowing through the AQR filter set, the water breaks into smaller clusters, adopting the structure of spring water, making it easier for the body to assimilate it.
  2. Emission of infrared radiation – infrared light passing through water not only prevents oxidation, but also is able to undo that process!
  3. The highest iodine value of activated carbon – the applied activated carbon has the highest iodine value, which is especially important when improving the taste of water, and its porosity provides higher absorption capacity, i.e. bonding and removal of undesirable compounds from the water.


Is it worth it?

Let us consider, why should we spend money on bottled water when we can have it virtually for free? Why should we drink water that lingers on shop shelves or in dispensers for weeks when we can have fresh and valuable water from our tap? Why should we carry heavy multi-packs or remember ordering supplies for the dispensers when tasty water, in unlimited quantities and at any time of the day, can flow from our tap? The answers to the above questions unequivocally confirm that, regardless of whether we want to apply the proposed filtration system in our home or company, it will be very profitable. It will have a positive effect on the environment, our wallet and, most importantly, our health.