VENA Standard recuperators

VENA Standard recuperators

VENA Standard recuperators based on a spiral heat exchanger and designed as mechanical supply and exhaust ventilation systems with heat recovery for single-family buildings. Our offer includes two sets:

  • VENA Standard 3 with a max. capacity of 350 m3/h, which corresponds to the floor area of the house of 150 m2
  • VENA Standard 4 with a max. capacity of 500 m3/h, which corresponds to the floor area of the house of 200 m2


VENA Standard 3 and VENA Standard 4 sets consist of:

  • WS spiral heat exchanger,
  • two duct fans powered with direct current (electronically commutated, EC model),
  • two cassette filters with replaceable inserts, F7/G4 class (there is a possibility of using upper-class filters on individual request),
  • a universal structure used to mount the heat exchanger in an upright or lying down position (minimum inclination angle of 15°),
  • fan mounting kit,
  • heat exchanger bypass.


Both sets are provided for ductwork installation, which requires some expertise and diligence from the fitter, but in return it gives many configuration options as regarding the deployment of the whole system and individual devices (filters, fans and elements used for possible air treatment) in the room. This is especially important when installing the system in utility rooms of relatively small dimensions. The optimal place for mounting the ventilation system is the unused loft space (in the case of sloping roof, the heat exchanger can suspended).


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