VENA Silver recuperators

VENA Silver recuperators

VENA Silver recuperators:

  • 85-92% heat recovery from the air handling unit,
  • efficiency: from 350 m3/h to 1250 m3/h,
  • leak-proof spiral and counter flow heat exchanger: it prevents from permeation of odours and mixing the streams of pure (supplied) with exhaust (removed) air,
  • high resistance to frosting,
  • an integrated internal by-pass (heat exchanger by-pass),
  • available in the version with EC fans (controlled by direct current),
  • the installation can be carried out in a vertical or horizontal position and the components can be arranged
  • in accordance to the layout of the premises,
  • the use of quick release couplings enables easier assembly of filters and fans and the connection of control automation and dehydration system.
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SymbolMax. recommended performance


Heat exchange surface




External static pressure


Power consumption


Max. electricity consumption


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