Environmental protection – EN

Environmental protection – EN

Respecting the water you respect yourself

  • Water is a prerequisite for the existence of life on Earth.
  • Even with a lot of water, it is crucial to take care of its purity.
  • Drinking dirty water and using it to wash yourself can cause illnesses and even death.
  • Your pets are like people in this regard and should also drink good water.
  • If an animal drinks dirty water or if a fish lives in a dirty water, eating their meat is like eating poisoned meat.
  • Highly developed countries, which did not care too much about the purity of the water sources in the past, now spend huge amounts of money on their purification.
  • In Poland, where Firma Bartosz is seated, people have always said:

Good water will supplement health!


What to do so as not to pollute the water?

  • Do not defecate into water and refrain others from doing so.
  • Do not discharge household wastewater into rivers or in the vicinity of other water sources.
  • Do not dispose of dead or dying plants into water sources.
  • Do not wash cars and machinery by the rivers and other water sources.
  • Do not repair cars or other mechanical equipment from which grease and other oil derivatives can escape by the rivers and other water sources.
  • Do not wash garment by the water sources using detergents.
  • Do not dispose of garbage, especially chemicals, into rivers and other water sources.