Bartosz Congo offer

Bartosz Congo offer

Doing business in Congo

If your company is looking for opportunities in Africa – they can be found in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Firma Bartosz Sp.j. Bujwicki, Sobiech in Białystok can help you in this matter. We are already there.

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) constitutes one of the largest markets in Africa. The DRC is 7 times larger than Poland in terms of area, has a population of more than 60 million inhabitants, is extremely rich in natural resources, has wonderful wildlife and is surrounded with fresh water from all sides. However, it has significant needs. In the past it was a Belgian colony, so the official language is French, while the native languages​are Lingala and Swahili with many variations. In the DRC – despite the common opinions that this country is politically unstable – there already are the major players in the world: The Americans, Chinese, Russians, Belgians, French and several other. They are present there – according to the Congolese, since they are the authors of such an opinion – in order to reduce the competition.

In the DRC, there is the possibility of developing a business in almost every field: from food export to food production in the DRC, setting up and running farms, export and on-site production of devices, construction of roads, exploitation of natural resources and import of raw materials, education, tourism, etc. However, entering this country is more complex than in the case of Europe or North America. The mentality of the people of central Africa makes it impossible to immediately access this country by sending an e-mail or calling. Proper actions and significant investments are needed in this matter. Not everyone is able to meet these requirements on their own, and therefore most of the attempts made so far by the Polish companies ended in failure. Most of them because our attempt, that of Firma Bartosz, is very likely to become successful. The aim of our trips and mutual visits is to create and register a Polish-Congolese company Bartosz Congo in Kinshasa at the end of 2013. So far, this is the only Polish institution in the country, apart from Catholic missions, as the Polish diplomatic post (the Polish Embassy) for the Democratic Republic of Congo is located in remote Luanda, the capital of Angola. Our activities are known to the Polish Ministry of Economy.

The registration of the Bartosz Congo branch in Kinshasa will provide the possibility of introducing other companies to the DRC. In view of the opportunities offered by this country, we know that we will not be able to make use of them on our own. Therefore, we have decided that one of the forms of our company operations in the Democratic Republic of Congo will be the introduction of other Polish companies to this country. The joint operation will reduce costs and facilitate your access to that market.


Within the cooperation, we offer:

  • trips with exploratory missions,
  • promotion (in various forms) of Polish companies and their products,
  • joint operations in terms of organising activities in the DRC.


Some activities can be financed by the Ministry of Economy of Poland.

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